Our Board of Directors

Paul Schifferer
President / Founder

Paul Schifferer

Paul Schifferer is a distinguished individual with a rich background in military service, community engagement, and finance. Retiring from the Army National Guard in 2012, he has since dedicated his efforts to various causes that align with his passion for supporting veterans and enhancing community welfare.

As the President and Founder of Save-A-Joe Veteran Charities, Paul has played a pivotal role in creating and implementing initiatives that provide crucial support to veterans, ensuring they have the resources and assistance they need to transition successfully to civilian life. His commitment is not only professional but deeply personal, as he shares these endeavors with his wife, Lisa.

Vice President

Heather Walkowiak

Heather Walkowiak’s life journey weaves a narrative of family, service, and professional ascent. Growing up in Roselle and Bloomingdale, she embarked on a journey that led her to Joe Walkowiak, and since 2005, they’ve shared their lives in Hampshire.
Heather’s professional story at Alarm Detection Systems mirrors her resilience and ambition. Joining the company in 2011, she began in alarm sales, swiftly climbing the ranks to sales manager, and now holds the role of Sales Training Manager, showcasing her expertise in nurturing and developing talent.
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Lisa Kyle Headshot

Lisa Kyle

Lisa Kyle, residing in the picturesque Campton Hills, shares her life’s journey with her husband, Joe Kyle, and their two cherished children, Austin and Alexandria.

Professionally, Lisa is deeply committed to nutrition, dedicating herself to promoting well-being through the operation of her Juice Plus franchise. Her passion for health and wellness extends beyond her career, influencing her daily life and choices.


Lisa Schifferer

Celebrating 25 years of marriage with her husband Paul, Lisa Schifferer embodies a rich legacy of service—her great-grandfather in WWI, grandfather in WWII, father in Korea, and Paul, a Master Sergeant in the army.
Beyond her love for football and the Chicago Cubs, Lisa derives joy from the thrill of the games
With over two decades as an esthetician, she consistently makes a positive impact, enhancing people’s confidence and well-being.
Lisa’s commitment extends to her role as a board member of Save A Joe, underscoring her dedication to meaningful causes.
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Robert Bailey Headshot
Public Relations

Rob Bailey

Robert Bailey is a dedicated veteran advocate and community leader, contributing significantly to the well-being of fellow veterans through his roles as Chief of Staff for the Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Treasurer of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®, Chapter 24-2.

In his capacity as Chief of Staff for the Illinois VFW, Robert plays a crucial role in coordinating and supporting various initiatives that aim to enhance the lives of veterans across the state. His commitment to the VFW's mission underscores his passion for serving those who have served their country, ensuring that veterans receive the support and resources they deserve.

Save-A-Joe Board of Directors

Meet the Crew!

From Left to Right: Joe and Heather Walkowiak (Vice President), Rob Bailey (with the Beard), Joe and Lisa Kyle (Secretary), Lisa (Treasurer) and Paul Schifferer (President)

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